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Recorded in May/June 2012 by Bastien Lafaye in his basement.
Download the record here:

40 Orange tapes
60 White tapes
50 CD-R
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Aurelien (drums)
Julien (bass)
Nabil (guitar)
Nicolas (vocals)
Pablo (guitar)


WOODWORK supports the struggle for Humyn, Earth and Animal Liberation.


released July 9, 2012




WOODWORK Toulouse, France

Hardcore is politics.

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Track Name: Slow-Motion Genocide
I guess you crossed the line
I guess you crossed the line

Some mourn their dead in the name of peace
Casualties of “survival of the fittest”
Torn roots and plundered land
Some mourn their dead
Some try to understand
A vicious circle on bruised land
Mix of blood and tears
Victims of victims

“The Holocaust can not excuse Zionist injustices”
Compassion is not a one-way path.

This is not suicide, just a slow-motion genocide
"A land without people for a people without a land"
No sooner born than dead, No chances on a deathbed

This is not suicide, just a slow-motion genocide
Children see their future as a destroyed city


This song is dedicated to my Grand Mother who made me understand that rejecting with strength and conviction the Israeli Government's policy of repression over the Palestinian people wasn't synonym with antisemitism or lack of respect towards the victims of the Shoah. She was Jewish of Religion, and Pro-Palestinian of reason, even though she was outraged (just like me) by the suicide attacks perpetrated by the Hammas. This is about oppression, and submission of the Palestinian people, which is not caused by the will of the Israeli people, but by the cupidity of its political leaders supported by international superpowers. Its roots come from Zionism, its roots come from the Western post-war nations who decide of the fate of an entire people from their comfortable chairs. -Nicolas

Read: “Chomsky Notebook” by Jean Bricmont & Julie Franck (2007)
Watch: “Occupation 101” by Abdallah & Sufyan Omeish, (2006)
Track Name: Exile Life
Tyranny needs scapegoats
souls in exile, a threat to liberty
a footstep, an unfulfilled angst
friends and family left behind, with both hands broken
when hopes and fears, are shipped to the unknown.
By land or sea , through dust and foam
screams muffled by silence and blindness
screams muffled by silence and blindness
immigration has no name, only echoes of a life left behind
like a long insomnia, where coming back ends in forgiveness
judging without knowing, blaming the victims
Our silence obliterates what we shouldn't accept
There's no “social link” when families are scattered
compassion over indignation


For the past few years, Europe has seen a rise of xenophobic attitudes that in turn spread to the political climate of many countries. We are transitioning towards a culture of rejection that's getting more and more hostile. Too often, immigrants are blamed for all the wrongs in our society. Finger-pointers tend to ill-portray immigration as a money-driven process at the expense of the “native citizens” (whatever that means). Most of these people are out of touch with the reality of immigration that is the family dismantling, uprooting and cultural alienation immigrants often have to go through. It's only a matter of time until we're all in exile
Track Name: From the T-4...
May this cold wind never blow again
The past shining through generations

She escaped, he did not
Another so-called "unworthy of life"
Survivor of the Final Solution
Looking at the shadow's victims engraved in stone
A never-ending last cry for the gone

Itinerary in the darkness
Crushed, packed and terrified
Thuds and cold. Bleeding hands. Obscure feeling of death
Opening of the train doors and shattered hopes
The human tragedy at its worst

Holocaust denial, blinded by ashes fall
Nostalgic of the T-4. Murderers of the truth
Waiting for another chance. Hate-mongers, let them burn
"Chosen people" watch your back
From the darkness of the past.

Persecution from first to last
It takes generations to heal
But how far can your bruises legitimate your beatings?


The T-4 Program was an Euthanasia Program designed by the Nazi regime in 1939 to exterminate physically and/or mentally deficient children & adults during WWII. It marked the start of the use of Gas Chambers for systematic exterminations. Tackling the subject of The Holocaust is nothing new, between all the movies, books, articles, etc. it seems we've seen/heard it all. But the testimony of a member of your family directly involved, who makes you “relive” the dark moments of her youth, who tells you about how she saved her mother and others; can move you in other ways. Others, like her father weren't so lucky and never left the extermination camp. This is merely remembrance; a reality check for the negationist speeches out there. Never again.
Track Name: Downfall Of Giants
"I've seen another world.
Sometimes I think it was just my imagination"

I saw a house but it's not my home
torn between hope and storm
Are we just flesh with no goal, no destiny?
Reality distort our hopes while mankind tries to rise
from its own suffering

Your so-called redemption will burn on that cross,
waiting for a heaven-sent remission
So pray hard for salvation,
For the end of the world is near, “brother”!
Downfall of Giants

How long will we submit ourselves?
You demand our souls to satisfy your ego and be in control, under your law
Our will can destroy everything you believe in,
all your efforts and sacrifices
A sole idea can keep me on, a relentless addiction
You'll die alone, forgotten by everyone
Your ideology drowned in a sea of blood

I want to lead and create,
What others will never do for me
The spirit of dissent.
I accept my partial ignorance.
No need for absolute truth
The mystery of being, the essence of life,
my life lost in the limitlessness of time

How many times will history have to prove you wrong
to break your waiting game?
I see my own world.
I leave the rest to my imagination.


“I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.” - Clarence Darrow

Read: “The Antichrist” by Friedrich Nietzsche (1988)
Read: “The book of Atheist Spirituality” by André Comte-Sponville (2006)