From The T​-​4

from by WOODWORK



May this cold wind never blow again
The past is shining through generations

She escaped, he did not
Another so-called "unworthy of life"
Survivor of the Final Solution
Looking at the victims’ shadows engraved in stone
A never-ending last cry for the gone

Itinerary in the darkness
Crushed, packed and terrified
Thuds and cold. Bleeding hands. Obscure feeling of death
The opening of train doors and shattered hopes
The human tragedy at its worst

Holocaust denial, blinded by ashes falling
Nostalgic of the T-4. Murderers of the truth
Waiting for another chance. Hate-mongers, let them burn.
"Chosen people" watch your back
From the darkness of the past

Persecution from first to last
It takes generations to heal
But how can your bruises legitimate your beatings?


EN: The T-4 Program was an Euthanasia Program designed by the Nazi regime in 1939 to exterminate physically and/or mentally deficient children & adults during WWII. It marked the beginning of the use of Gas Chambers for systematic extermination. Tackling the subject of The Holocaust may be nothing new, between all the books, movies, articles, etc. it seems we've seen/heard it all. But the testimony of a member of your family directly involved, who makes you “relive” the dark moments of her youth, who tells you about how she saved her mother and others; can move you in a different way. These lyrics are inspired by the story of my grandmother who helped her mother and several other people escape the concentration camps. Others, like her father weren't so lucky and never left the extermination camp. This is merely remembrance; a reality check against the negationist speeches out there. Never again.


FR: Le programme T-4 était un programme d’euthanasie conçu par le régime Nazi en 1939 ayant pour but d’exterminer les enfants et adultes handicapés physiques et/ou mental pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Il a marqué le début de l’utilisation des Chambres à Gaz pour l’extermination systématique. Traiter de l’Holocauste n’a rien de nouveau, entre tous les ouvrages, films, et articles, etc ; on pourrait croire qu’on a déjà tout vu/entendu ; mais le témoignage d'un membre de votre famille qui a vécu cette époque tragique, et qui vous fait "revivre" les moments sombres de sa jeunesse, peut vous toucher d’une manière différente. Ce texte est inspiré de l’histoire de ma grand-mère qui a permis à sa mère ainsi qu’à d’autres personnes d’éviter les camps de concentration. Certains, comme son père, n’auront pas autant de chance et ne quitteront jamais les camps d’extermination. Ce type d’histoire fait office de commémoration, c’est un rappel à la réalité face aux discours négationnistes que l’on peut rencontrer. Plus jamais.


from ORDINARY VIOLENCE, released October 21, 2016




WOODWORK Toulouse, France

Hardcore is politics.

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