from by WOODWORK



Words can veil the sunshine
Life means nothing in face of death
Only absence - Numb to feelings

It’s so hard to deal with
Words still cast a shadow over hope
Face the pain - Storm in my brain

Eyes don't lie
Let me cry, let me scream

All I need is to escape
Let me go. Dark and deep wounds, for an endless path
Let me live again - Nothing lasts forever
Time passed, I can feel this freedom, a weight without oppression

Your absence is tearing me to pieces but your memory is engraved in my soul
The river is running, I’m trying to cross
The river is running dry, I'm ready to cross


EN: In Memory of Philippe B. and Hana G.
FR: À la mémoire de Philippe B. et Hana G.


from ORDINARY VIOLENCE, released October 21, 2016




WOODWORK Toulouse, France

Hardcore is politics.

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